Interventional Pain Management

Back Pain Chiropractic Accident Injury Center & Interventional Pain Management

After an auto accident, it’s not unusual for you to experience varying degrees of pain after the initial adrenaline shock wears off. See how interventional pain management works and why it may be a good choice as you start a treatment plan for your auto accident recovery.

What is Interventional Pain Management?

Interventional Pain Management is an effective, cutting-edge alternative for patients who are dealing with pain. Narcotics can be highly addictive and do not address or resolve the root of the problem. Interventional pain management treatments like injections and minimally invasive procedures are pain management options that can provide relief for long periods of time, depending on the procedure you receive.

Back Pain Chiropractic Accident Injury Center & Interventional Pain Management can relieve pain, restore function, and renew hope for auto accident victims through the combined approach of chiropractic treatment, medicine management, and interventional pain management.

Healing from auto accident injuries is a process. If our chiropractor thinks it is necessary for a referral to Interventional Pain Management, you have the luxury to stay in town and be in the comfortable atmosphere that we provide at Back Pain Chiropractic Accident Injury Center & Interventional Pain Management. No more traveling 2-3 hours for pain management appointments. We are thrilled to be able to serve our community better with our convenient care.

Injections are performed under fluoroscopic guidance in the comforts of a private procedure room located on-site in the office. This arrangement allows for ease of scheduling procedures and avoids the need for travel to other facilities. Patients will often feel immediate pain relief in the recovery area after their procedure.

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